Elnova’s market-oriented approach aims to offer flexible solutions on optimal terms, tailored to the individual needs of each of our clients.

Elelctricity supply.

As a licensed electricity trader Elnova offers reliable electricity supply services to end consumers at competitive prices. The procedure, paperwork and timeline for transferring from one electricity supplier to another are specified in the laws and regulations. Elnova can manage the entire process free of charge on behalf the client.

Long-term solutions.

The integration of the Bulgarian electricity market into the Single European Electricity Market as well as the shift toward renewables and away from coal at the European level, expose business and industrial consumers to new risks:

  • Higher and more volatile power exchange prices
  • Unpredictability of electricity costs
  • Difficulties in cash flow management

To preserve their competitiveness in a dynamically changing electricity market consumers seek innovative solutions to manage these risks.

Elnova offers its clients cost effective long-term solutions that address their electricity consumption, risk hedging and cost optimisation needs, tailored to clients’ individual consumption profile, business strategy and corporate social responsibility principles.

Renewable energy producers.

The legal requirement for renewable energy producers with installed capacity in excess of 1 MW to sell their electricity on the Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX), exposes producers to new risks and the need for allocating additional human and financial resources for direct participation on the power exchange. Direct participation requires knowledge of, at least, the market, traded instruments and the factors which affect market prices. It also entails registering on the power exchange, paying fixed and variable fees, the provision of collateral, hiring and training new employees, etc.

‌Elnova offers renewable energy producers the possibility to mitigate the risks and avoid the additional costs by selling their electricity on the power exchange on their behalf.

‌In combination with the services we offer as balancing group coordinator, Elnova provides renewable energy producers with a complete solution.

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